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Grenade Acknowledges Big Eye’s Role In His Musical Journey; A Testament To Friendship And Mentorship


In a heartwarming revelation during a recent live television interview, Grenade, the Ugandan singer and songwriter, opened up about the pivotal role fellow artist Big Eye played in shaping his music career. With gratitude and sincerity, Grenade expressed his deep appreciation for Big Eye’s support during the early struggles of his musical journey.

Grenade recounted the days when he was navigating the streets of Kampala, grappling with the challenges and uncertainties that often accompany aspiring musicians. It was during this trying period that Big Eye extended a helping hand, reaching out to Grenade and inviting him into his home.

“I will forever be grateful to Big Eye for picking me up from the streets of Kampala and providing me with a place to call home,” Grenade shared during the interview. “He saw something in me and believed in my talent when few others did. It was a turning point in my life.”

Upon arriving at Big Eye’s home, Grenade found himself immersed in a world of music and opportunity. Big Eye, who was actively involved in performing at nightclubs and events, welcomed Grenade to accompany him, recognizing his potential as a singer. Grenade seized the chance to showcase his musical abilities, and with Big Eye’s encouragement, he began to hone his craft in earnest.

“Big Eye not only gave me a roof over my head but also provided me with invaluable opportunities to perform and grow as an artist,” Grenade reflected. “He showed me the ropes of the music industry and encouraged me to pursue my passion wholeheartedly.”

Ugandan singer and song writer, Big Eye
Ugandan singer and song writer, Big Eye

As Grenade’s bond with Big Eye deepened, so too did his commitment to his musical aspirations. Together, they embarked on a journey marked by friendship, mentorship, and shared dedication to their craft. Through Big Eye’s guidance and unwavering support, Grenade found the strength and inspiration to pursue his dreams relentlessly.

“Big Eye demonstrated a genuine and loving heart during those formative days of my career,” Grenade emphasized. “He saw beyond my circumstances and recognized the potential within me. I owe a great deal of my success to his belief in me.”

In acknowledging Big Eye’s instrumental role in his musical journey, Grenade pays tribute to the power of friendship and mentorship in the pursuit of one’s dreams. Their story serves as a testament to the transformative impact that acts of kindness and support can have on individuals striving to make their mark in the world of music.

As Grenade continues to ascend to new heights in his career, he carries with him the profound gratitude and appreciation for the friend and mentor who helped him find his voice and his place in the world of music. For Grenade, the debt of gratitude he owes to Big Eye will forever be etched in his heart and echoed in his music.

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