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Harmonize Cautioned The Unmarried To Always Consult Their Parents Before Marriage

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Rajab Abdul Kahali better known as Harmonize, hinted at his love life and how a parent saved him from marrying a woman who wasn’t good for him. The Tanzanian singer and song writer advised the unmarried to always listen or run to their parents whenever making final decisions in life.

Through his timeline, Harmonize says, several people make wrong decisions in life because they don’t listen to the elderly or their parents yet the eyes of a parent looks at something and gets the right answer from it.

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“From now on, take the following words and listen to a mother, either biological or your colleagues’ mother. Parents have a very far eye, it is easy for a parent to discover everything. It is possible to think you know everything yet there is a mother’s eye looking at something to get the right answer than you,” Harmonize wrote.   

Harmonize further affirmed that these parents at times put objections that are disgusting to the extent of one concluding that he or she is not loved or wished well in life yet all efforts are being made so that you can understand.

“Sometimes they put objections that are disgusting until you can say that this woman doesn’t love me because you are in a pool of love yet she knows that her child is not ready. Listen to a parent even if is not yours,” Harmonize wrote.

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