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Harmonize To Charge Over UGX 159M For Collaborations


Tanzanian singer and song writer Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize openly confirmed that he has started to charge TZS 100M [Approximately to UGX 159,833,940] for a collaboration.

When it is about music, a collaboration is when two artistes’ team up or come together to work on a single project or song.

Harmonize says it is time for music to get expensive. The singer’s confession has caused mixed reactions on social media and online because most music lovers thought collaboration was through an understanding.


The Tanzanian singer further affirmed that he can’t wait to charge an artiste TZS 500M [Approximately to UGX 799,344,520] for a collaboration. However, Harmonize never revealed the name of the artiste that he is to charge such huge sums of money.

“I’m starting to charge for collaboration 100M TZS, music has got to be expensive. I can’t wait to charge someone 500M,” Harmonize wrote.


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