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Hellen Lukoma Displays Her Newly Gifted Apartment


Ugandan model, songster, song writer and actress Hellen Lukoma best known to have featured on The Hostel as Patra displayed a well built and finished apartment on her timeline.

Hellen Lukoma is alleged to have been gifted a complete apartment by her husband, this should be the man that all women are worth having. To some extent, women will soon demand for heaven.

Hellen Lukoma is married to Anwar Kaka and the two have siblings together. The songster and actress must be enjoying her relationship or marriage because all seems to be moving towards the right hand.

Not long ago, Hellen Lukoma was gifted a brand-new ride by her close Mr. right and online users claimed it was a stunt. As the year is at climax, Hellen Lukoma has continued to prove online users wrong as she displayed an apartment alleged to be an end of year gift from her husband.



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