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Hellen Lukoma Once Desired To Increase Her Rear End


Multi-talented Hellen Lukoma confessed to have desired owning a big and heavy nyash when she got pregnant. Hellen Lukoma is married to Anwar Kaka and the two have siblings together.

Hellen Lukoma is a Ugandan actress, model, fashion designer, songster and song writer. She is well-known to have featured as Patra in a movie dubbed The Hostel and Hellen Mutungi in a movie dubbed Beneath The Lies.


Hellen Lukoma is also known for her hit songs; Bya Daddy, Olinye Ya Majje, Nja Kufumba and many more. While speaking to Anna Talia Oze on Bigenda Bitya a progam by Sanyuka TV, Hellen Lukoma affirmed that she desired to own a big nyash while she was heavily pregnant.

“Truly when I got pregnant, I really wanted to have a big and heavy behind,” Hellen Lukoma confessed.

However, Hellen Lukoma should be proud of her body size. In Uganda, she is among the celebrities who are considered to be slim and beautiful.


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