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Huddah Monroe’s Sage Advice On Parental Responsibility And Thoughtful Childbirth


Huddah Monroe, the renowned Kenyan entrepreneur, social media personality, and model, has not only made a significant mark in the world of business but has also become a voice of reason and wisdom on matters of life and family. In recent times, Monroe has taken to her platforms to share invaluable advice on parental responsibility and the crucial decision of when to embrace the journey of parenthood.

As the founder and CEO of “Huddah Cosmetics,” she brings a unique perspective to the conversation, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful consideration before bringing a child into the world.

In a series of candid and insightful posts, Huddah Monroe has shared her views on the responsibilities that come with parenthood, urging individuals to approach childbirth with careful consideration. The entrepreneur highlights the significance of ensuring that both partners are ready, not just emotionally, but also financially, to provide the necessary care and support for their children.

Kenyan socilaite, Huddah Monroe
Kenyan socilaite, Huddah Monroe

Monroe’s message revolves around the idea that having children should be a conscious decision, taken only when one is fully prepared to dedicate the time, effort, and resources required to raise them. She writes, “Have children when you can take care of them fully and see them grow. Not have kids and still running the streets to feed them. Your kids need you 100% until they can defend and protect themselves.”

Huddah Monroe emphasizes the notion that parenting is not merely a role to be played part-time; it demands a wholehearted commitment from both partners. Children, she asserts, deserve to have parents who are actively involved in their lives, guiding them through every stage of development. Monroe’s advice resonates with the idea that providing emotional, educational, and financial support is not just a duty but a privilege that comes with the decision to become a parent.

One of the key aspects of Monroe’s advice is the emphasis on financial stability as a prerequisite for parenthood. In a world where the cost of raising a child continues to rise, she encourages individuals to assess their financial readiness before embarking on the journey of parenthood. Monroe’s perspective aligns with the belief that a stable financial foundation provides the necessary security and resources for a child to thrive.

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