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I Am Also Worried Of My Reputation; The Lady Accused Of Cheating With Hamza Cries Out


Not long ago, a video of Doctor Hamza Sebunya husband to songster Rema Namakula and unidentified lady in an elevator was evidenced on social media. This brought about speculations that he has been cheating on his wife Rema.

This has been a rumor but while on social media trying to dig deep into the existing speculation, an audio recording of a lady that is yet to be identified was making rounds crying out loud saying that all the images that were released were photoshopped.


The lady confirmed truly Hamza Sebunya was with them in the elevator but for her she was capturing moments of herself and hubby while in the elevator. So, she never cheated on her husband that she referred to as “Honorable.”

“I am so sorry Honorable, I don’t know how I can reach out to Doctor, and I apologize to him because really the videos I posted show that you (Honorable) were kissing my neck. We were together holding my hand but somebody photoshopped our photos and inserted an image of Hamza,” the lady affirmed.

“They were a number of people at Divine, as we were in the elevator, you kissed my neck and it really showed that we are lovers. People are just bad but I am also worried about my reputation, my family, I didn’t know it will be like that,” the lady cried out.


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