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I Am Building My Own Empire Of Happiness; Pritty Vishy Assures Nemesis

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Kenyan socialite, singer and content creator Purity Vishenwa better known as Pritty Vishy affirmed not at bitter fights with anyone because she is living to build her own empire of happiness.

“I am here to build an empire to make myself happy and be proud of who I will be in a few months,” Pritty Vishy revealed.

Several online users have been thinking that the Kenyan socialite is only living to seek public attention after the release of her single dubbed Dear Ex, in which she clearly attacked her ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy but she assured all about the dream she is chasing.

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The socialite further disclosed how she passed through several challenges in 2022 that included her partying ways with her ex, being admitted in the hospital, moving in and out of three apartments. 


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