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I Am Dating Kennedy, Amber Ray Confirms

amber_ray_with_kennedy (1)

Kenyan model, socialite, and business woman Faith Makau better known as Amber Ray has confirmed dating her ex-boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo. However, she clarified that her visit to Kennedy’s parents was introduction based not an engagement.

Through her timeline, Amber Ray confirmed that she only went for introduction not engagement as various social media users had portrayed.

“Thank you all for the warm messages. It wasn’t an engagement but introduction (for parents to know that we are dating) which is a huge step for us,” Amber Ray wrote.

The socialite continued to express her passionate love for her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo, she praised him for being supportive ever since they started dating. According to Amber Ray, meeting Kennedy is the best thing that has ever happened in her life.

“We are just taking a day at a time and honestly I am enjoying every bit of it. Kennedy Rapudo I’m so happy, I’m going through this journey with you,” Amber Ray wrote.

Amber Ray and Kennedy have been dating few months back and the two have experienced some conflicts. Previously, they separated briefly but they’re now back on a serious note.


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