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I Am Not A Commodity To Be Sold; Doreen Kabarebe Disclosed Why Her Man Won’t Pay Bride Price


Ugandan socialite, fashion model and social media influencer Doreen Kabareebe hinted at why a man who has got interest in her won’t pay bride price to her parents. The socialite’s suggestion on bride price contradicts African culture.

In Africa, the paying of bride price is a common practice whereby the groom pays materials in terms of cattle, goods or money to the bride’s family as a token of appreciation.

However, in the 21st century, bride price payment hasn’t been taken into consideration by some of the young grown-up men when it comes to marriage, and at times parents don’t accept their daughters to go into marriage when the groom hasn’t paid the agreed bride price.


Doreen Kabareebe doesn’t support the payment of bride price and affirms that her man will never pay the price, and she informed her parents that she is not a commodity to be sold.

“I personally don’t believe in bride price. Good thing I made it clear to my father before he passed away and gave my reasons. So, no one should expect anything like bride price from my man. I am not a commodity to be sold,” Doreen Kabareebe disclosed.

“By the way I told my dad the same, I hate that nonsense some even don’t fulfill their responsibilities after they ask for bride price as if he invested in a business,” Maria Adams replied.


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