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I Am Now Into A Different Genre; Carol Nantongo Affirmed Free From Band Music


Renowned songstress and songwriter Carol Nantongo has recently expressed her discomfort when referred to as a band musician. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Henrie, Nantongo shared her journey in the music industry, highlighting her departure from the Golden Band, where she initially started her career. She emphasized that she has moved on from band music, exploring new genres, and urged the public to refrain from categorizing her solely as a band musician.

During the interview, Carol Nantongo candidly revealed that she began her musical career as a member of the Golden Band. Recognizing the platform that the band provided, Nantongo acknowledged her roots and expressed gratitude for the experience gained. However, she clarified that her decision to part ways with the band in 2020 was driven by group politics that compromised her artistic vision and personal growth.

Since her departure from the Golden Band, Nantongo has embarked on a new musical journey, venturing into different genres that allow her to express herself more authentically. She has dedicated herself to exploring diverse musical styles and experimenting with her unique vocal abilities, all while striving to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Songstress Caro Nantongo
Songstress Carol Nantongo

With her evolution as an artist, Carol Nantongo now seeks to distance herself from the label of being solely a band musician. She acknowledges the influence of her past experiences but urges the public to recognize and appreciate her growth as an individual artist. In the interview, Nantongo stressed the importance of allowing artists to explore and evolve their craft, rather than being confined to a specific genre or label.

Nantongo’s desire to be recognized beyond her past associations is not rooted in a rejection of her beginnings, but rather in her aspiration to showcase her versatility and range as a musician. She believes that this evolution enables her to offer a wider spectrum of musical experiences to her audience, creating a more meaningful and lasting impact.

As Carol Nantongo ventures further into her new musical direction, she aims to captivate audiences with her distinct sound and lyrical storytelling. She plans to release an album that reflects her growth and artistic exploration, inviting listeners to join her on this transformative journey.

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