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I Am Too Busy To Pay Attention To Haters; Sheebah Karungi Says


Songster, dancer, and actress known for featuring in a movie titled Queen of Katwe as Shakira says she is too busy to pay attention to haters. While sharing her music and life story in an interview with Ibra k, the songster affirmed that she spends most of her time on her business and goals.

“I am too busy to pay attention to haters. I use my time to work on my business and goals because I have a nice future that I foresee. When I was younger, I used to pay attention to haters but not anymore,” Sheebah affirmed.

The songster advised people never to let anyone to come between their dreams because most times when people say discouraging words it is because they are projecting their own insecurities, and everyone should know that God has big plans for them.

Sheebah Karungi also affirmed that she pays less attention to online haters because people of negativity can be so draining and can reduce personal esteem, she is not always affected because she knows who she is.

“I don’t pay attention to online critics because the negative people can be so draining. They can reduce your self esteem but personally I am not affected because I know who I am,” Sheebah Karungi affirmed.


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