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I Love And Cherish Juliana, DJ Nimrod Confessed

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Radio personality and club DJ Nabeeta Nimrod commonly known as DJ Nimrod confessed that he has no personal issues with songster Julian Kanyomozi who is well known for songs like Kibaluma, Right here, Esanyu lyange among others.

Speculations of DJ Nimrod having personal issues with Juliana Kanyomozi began when the songster affirmed her concert date similar to that of the singing trio B2C also known as the Kampala Boys and yet the B2C affirmed the date 19 August 2022 earlier.


DJ Nimrod concluded saying that the songster could share some love with the singing trio rather than having concerts on the same date. The push for Juliana’s concert online didn’t go down well with him saying the Kampala Boys have always been there for others when they needed them yet Juliana is rarely seen supporting fellow artists.

Previously, DJ Nimrod was questioned whether Juliana Kanyomozi was truly a legend and his reply was NO. However, Nimrod has confessed that he has no personal issues with Juliana and he loves and cherishes the songster.

“For starters, I don’t hate Juliana, and I have no problem with her. It is the media that has been catalyzing everything. I do not have personal issues with Juliana, I love Juliana, I cherish her, she is an amazing woman who has impacted the music industry greatly,” DJ Nimrod confessed.


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