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I Love Male Friends, Songster Jovial Affirms


Songster and song writer Juliet Miriam Ayub better known as Jovial has affirmed the reason as to why she is so much friendly to male individuals than fellow female.

Jovial said that someone questioned her the reasons as to why she has no friends and through her timeline, the songster replied saying she has friends and male ones make her team because boys are easy people to chill with.

“Someone asked me why I don’t have friends, I do have friends but male friends and that’s my team. There aren’t any persons that one can easily chill with expect boys. You can chill with them at any time and any day. It depends with how you carry yourself,” Jovial affirmed.


The songster affirmed that females are full of hate even with no reason, that is why she’s choosy when it comes to female collaborations because she hates negative vibes.

“We the females, we are full of hate. One of the reasons why I’m choosy when it comes to female collaborations, I hate negative vibes man. Those who know me, know me, that’s why I prefer a male team. That’s why female artists are less in the industry, no love,” Jovial affirmed.


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