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I Made It Through Without The Help Of Any Promoter; Feffe Bussi Affirmed

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Promoters in Uganda have been at conflict with some of the renown musicians Uganda has got following the revelation of the pay each may deserve to perform at a concert. The list that was shared by Promoter Bajjo, clearly portrayed that some musicians would be under paid for their efforts.

While in an interview, award-winning rapper, free-style and song writer Mukiiza Frank better known as Feffe Bussi affirmed to have planned for several concerts this year and working with music promoters renown in the entertainment industry.

According to Feffe Bussi, some of the prominent promoters maybe at conflict with most musicians in the country, but that doesn’t deny them the authority to work with those who are willing to work closely with them.

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The Ugandan rapper affirmed having concerts at Garden City and Didis World earlier this year. Surprisingly, he is working with Ugandan promoters who are not so prominent but can deliver their best.

“I am not at conflict with any promoter and I’m working with some of them on my concerts at Garden City and Didis World, because those conflicting are not the only promoters Uganda has got. At the start of my career, no promoter helped me out, I fought for myself.” Feffe Bussi affirmed.

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