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I Never Expected To Go Viral, Kenyan Trending Nurse Speaks Out

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Trending Kenyan nurse Elizabeth Lukresia Robai says she never knew that she would go viral or on trend on social media as she has been creating er dance moves but they never reach as far as her latest video that is on trend.

Elizabeth Lukresia who is a second-year pediatric student at Kenya Mediacal Training College [KMTC] affirmed that the video of her dancing for a sick child in the hospital was not her first ever made video.

While speaking to Mungai Eve, the Kenyan trending nurse categorized the trending video to have been her 70 0r 80th release because she has been creating similar videos, she never expected to go viral but continued to do her thing whole heartedly.   

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“That was my 70 or 80th release because I have done a lot of videos and I was not expecting to go viral. Definitely, nobody expects to go viral because you will be disappointed. You only do something with your heart and let it go. I am very excited about my trending video,” Lukresia Robai said.

Lukresia who warmed the hearts of Kenyans after her viral video has been receiving gifts from different people and organizations. In fact, she was named as a Brand Ambassador for Expeditions Maasai Safaris and won herself a trip to a 4-day trip to Zanzibar for a holiday


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