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I Sell My Culture Through Music, Irene Namatovu Clarified


Well-known Ugandan songstress and businesswoman Irene Namatovu clarified the reason as to why her music is mainly cultural. Irene Namatovu is known for songs such as Best Friend, Kuzaala kujagaana, Abakyala, sanyu among others.

While in an interview, the songstress disclosed the reason as to why most of her songs are based on culture. She affirmed that she is a proud African woman who does anything to sell off her culture.

“I am a proud African woman who can do anything to sell of my culture,” Irene Namatovu clarified.

As a woman, the songstress affirmed that her latest music project focuses on uplifting African women with hope for a better tomorrow because African women go through many challenges in life.

“African women go through many challenges, some are forced into marriages, others are tortured. Therefore, my latest project uplifts such women with hope for a better tomorrow,” Irene Namatovu said.


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