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I Sing In A Language I Am Comfortable With, Ray G Clarified

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Singer and song writer Reagan Muhairwe better known as Ray G has clarified the reason as to why he sings in the language his comfortable with. Critics have always attacked the singer questioning why he uses his homeland language to compose songs. 

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Ray G uses Runyankore to compose his heritage music and this has earned him huge crowds and following from his home side in Ishaka, Bushenyi district in Western Uganda. Previously, Ray G was told that he cannot hold a concert in Kampala Metropolitan because he sings in Runyankore.

Arguably the biggest Western Uganda export, will hold his first ever maiden concert in Kampala at Imperial Royale Hotel on 29 October. According to the singer, the first songs he wrote were in Luganda and English but he felt confident singing in a language he was comfortable with.

“The first songs I wrote were actually in Luganda and English but I realized there is confidence in singing in a language you are comfortable with,” Ray G clarified.


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