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I Was Disrespected At Eddy Kenzo’s Festival, Big Eye Says

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Singer and song writer Ibrahim Mayanja better known as Big Eyestarboss says he was disrespected at the just concluded Eddy Kenzo’s festival. The singer says the deejays never acted as they were supposed to.

While at the conclusion of his performance, the singer says he needed to introduce his latest single dubbed “Husband Material” to his audience or the party animals that were at the festival but the deejay that he couldn’t disclose cut short his performance.

Big Eyestarboss says he faced one of the most embarrassing moments as the deejay played a song of another performer or artiste before he [Big Eye] concluded his performance. They couldn’t disrespect him to that extent in front of the huge audience that was available.

“How can a deejay play another performer’s song while I am still on stage, that is disrespect, you can’t disrespect me like that. You disrespect me in front of the people. I was introducing my latest song Husband Material then you cut short my performance. I will say sorry to my brother Kenzo because I never wanted it to be as this,” Big Eye said.


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