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I Was Gravity; Feffe Bussi Clarifies The Origin Of Rapper Gravity’s Professional Name


In the world of hip-hop, artists often adopt unique and catchy stage names that become synonymous with their brand and musical identity. Feffe Bussi, a talented Ugandan rapper, shed light on the origin of the name “Gravity,” which is now associated with fellow rapper Gereson Wabuyi, professionally known as Gravity Omutujju.

During an interview, Feffe Bussi affirmed that he and Gravity Omutujju were acquainted during their school days, where Feffe Bussi went by the name Gravity. Feffe Bussi’s revelation highlights the mutual respect between the two artists and provides an intriguing glimpse into the history behind Gravity’s professional name.

Feffe Bussi, known for his lyrical prowess and unique style, revealed that “Gravity” was originally his stage name during his early days as a rapper. As fate would have it, he studied alongside Gereson Wabuyi, who would later embark on his own musical journey as Gravity Omutujju. Feffe Bussi’s clarification brings to light the connection between the two artists and explains the shared history of their professional names.

Rapper Gravity Omutujju
Rapper Gravity Omutujju

During the interview, Feffe Bussi emphasized the enduring respect between him and Gravity Omutujju, owing to their shared past and the origins of Gravity’s stage name. Feffe Bussi expressed that Gravity Omutujju acknowledges the fact that his professional name was derived from Feffe’s earlier use of “Gravity” during their time together in school. This acknowledgment underscores the mutual understanding and respect that exists between the two artists, despite the overlapping use of the name.

As Gravity Omutujju’s career took off, his talent and unique style garnered him a loyal fan base. His distinctive sound and energetic performances propelled him to become one of Uganda’s most prominent and influential rappers. However, it is important to recognize that Gravity’s success does not undermine the origins of his name or his respect for Feffe Bussi.

Feffe Bussi’s decision to clarify the origin of the name “Gravity” serves as a testament to the transparency and camaraderie that can exist within the hip-hop community. By sharing this information, Feffe Bussi showcases the mutual understanding and respect between himself and Gravity Omutujju. It also sheds light on the evolution of artists’ identities and the interconnectedness that often exists within the industry.

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