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I Was Inspired By Amooti And Pablo, Patrick Salvado Confessed

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Comedian, radio personality, actor, Mc and event host Patrick Salvador also known as Man from Ombokolo while sharing his comic journey, he confessed by speaking out the names that inspired him and had great influence in his comic journey.

Patrick Salvador said he could watch Mujuni Allan better known as Amooti Omubalanguzi, and Comedian Pablo at fun factory making money by talking. He then chose to do the same, slowly he progressed in the comic industry.

“I was inspired by Amooti Omubalanguzi and Comedian Pablo, the two were in Fun Factory then. So, when I saw them making money by talking, I chose to do the same,” Patrick Salvador confessed.

Entertainment lovers usually question themselves whether comedy can survive without music. According to Salvador, music and comedy are symbiotic, and there is no other better compliment to comedy than music.

“Where we have reached now, music and comedy are symbiotic. They feed off each other and there is no other better compliment to comedy than music,” Patrick Salvador confessed.


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