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I Was Later Grateful When I Realised My HIV/AIDs Status; MC Kats Confessed


Multi award-winning media personality, HIV/AIDs activist, and event host Edwin Katamba better known as Mc Kats explained his first expression when he found out his HIV/AIDs status.

Yesterday [1 December] the world celebrated the Aids Day. On this day, people around the world are united in support of people living with HIV/AIDs and also remember those who died of the illness.


Today, those living with the disease came out to encourage those who feel tormented, weak, thinking their visions are completely finished once they realize they are positive of AIDs.  

As an HIV/AIDs Activist, Mc Kats encouraged people to feel happy and grateful for being alive. He also narrated his first expression when he found out that his sick of AIDs after his family lying him for long.

“My family was scared to tell me that I had HIV. So, they secretly gave me ARVs lying to me that it was medication for another disease. When I found out, I was furious but I later became grateful,” Mc Kats confessed.


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