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I Was Once A Preacher, Eric Omondi Affirmed

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Comedian and actor Eric Omondi affirmed that at his early years he was a preacher and he could walk far distances spreading the word of Christ but he one day prayed requesting for a miracle of a Range Rover.

“I thank God so much because back then when I was in form three, I could walk from Kisumu to Kakamega while preaching, and that is basically a true story. I was a preacher who could walk in between vehicles but I got tired and told God that someday I will drive a Range Rover,” Eric Omondi said.

Eric Omondi also affirmed that he is a grown-up man aged 40 and people should always choose to take in his words as true or false because as the matter of fact whatever he shares is either true or false depending on what side one may decide to take.

“My first car was a Leone and the second was a blue bird. Me I am 40-years-old, its upon you to taken in my words as true or false. I have surpassed moments of proving points, when I say its black or blue just believe me or don’t,” Eric Omondi said.  


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