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I Will Always Be A Thief; Bad Black Solemnly Declares Never To Change

bad_black_aka_shanita_namuyimbwa (2)

Ugandan socialite and business woman Shanita Namuyimbwa well-known as Bad Black or Mama Jonah has vowed never to change her characters. She affirmed that she will always remain bad black.

“I was born a thief, I will always be a thief,” Bad Black affirmed. While speaking to the press, Bad Black said the statement informing those who have been thinking that she has changed, that nothing has changed.

In 2012, Bad Black was convicted of embezzling Ugx 11 billion from Daveshan, a company she jointly owned with her British lover who was known as David Greenhalgh.

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Besides embezzling Ugx 11 billion, Bad Black has been accused on various occasion of different crimes. Currently, several netizens and citizens have not witnessed the other side of Bad Black leaving many with conclusions that she has changed.

Some have lived to accept her controversial statements saying she is a woman who minds less and always speaks the truth of herself not minding whether it will be against her.

“That is the reason why I love Bad Black so much because she always speaks the bitter truth no matter whether its against her or not,” Frankie responded to Bad Black’s statement.


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