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Ibra K Mukasa Freed Few Hours After Detention At Kawempe Police Station

Ibra Mukasa

Ugandan media personality and content creator Ibra K Mukasa, well-known for hosting Koona an entertainment show on Spark TV was reported to have been arrested and detained at Kawempe Police Station.

Police at Kawempe Police Station had arrested the media personality over accusation of criminal defamation filed against him by Ugandan socialite and Tik Toker known as God Father.

Through his handles, God Father confessed that he has been parenting, forgiving and kind enough to Ibra K Mukasa but the media personality has always revealed that he is a robber, defiler as well as practicing incest. God Father further assured that the accused has always claimed that he defiled his own sister.

Ibra K Mukasa
Ibra K Mukasa

“I think I have been lenient, parenting, forgiving and kind enough to this man and his clue following their frequent saturating videos and police reference upon me concerning incest, defilement and robbery. Being that the saturating police reference, he claims that I defiled my own sister. I have therefore cried for legal intervention into this matter from the very police to investigate the allegations to find out who is wrong and who is not,” God Father wrote.

Following the continued demand for the release of Ibra K Mukasa online, the media personality and content creator has been released and his gadgets [phones, computers, cameras, voice samples] are reported to have been left at the police station as investigations in the defamation matter continue.

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