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“I’m Not A Bad Friend,” Sharon Arwa Speaks Up After Nairofey’s Reunion With Ex-Husband


Sharon Arwa, popularly known as “Slay Queen” in the Kenyan social media and entertainment scene, recently found herself at the center of a social media storm. A viral clip from an interview with Mugai Eve raised questions and concerns among her followers and fans.

During her interview with Mugai Eve, Sharon Arwa discussed her relationship with her close friend and fellow content creator, Esther Muthoni, alias Nairofey. The topic that sparked the controversy was Nairofey’s announcement of her reconciliation with her ex-husband, Duncan Macharia, also known as Yeforian.

Sharon Arwa’s stance on the matter was clear and unequivocal. She asserted that Esther Muthoni, as an adult, had the right to make her own choices in her personal life, including the decision to rekindle her relationship with Yeforian. Sharon defended her position by emphasizing that Nairofey’s actions were a matter of personal choice and autonomy.

Sharon Arwa x Yeforian and Nairofey
Sharon Arwa x Yeforian and Nairofey

While Sharon Arwa fully supported her friend’s autonomy and decision, she also made it evident that she was not extending her friendship to Yeforian. She expressed her disapproval of him, citing that he had hurt Nairofey in their previous relationship. Her straightforward statement, “When you hurt my friend, you’re not my friend,” reflects her unwavering loyalty to her close companion.

One of Sharon Arwa’s most significant concerns was the potential for Yeforian to repeat the mistakes of the past. She voiced her apprehension that he might have ulterior motives in reconciling with Nairofey. Sharon, like any protective friend, feared that Yeforian might hurt Nairofey again, and her desire to safeguard her friend’s well-being was at the forefront of her decision not to extend her friendship to him.

It is important to note that Sharon Arwa respected Nairofey’s choice to reconcile with Yeforian. Despite her reservations about Yeforian, she reiterated her support for Nairofey’s autonomy and right to make decisions about her life. Sharon made it clear that her friendship with Nairofey remained intact, and she would continue to stand by her friend through thick and thin.

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