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I’m Not A Tiktok Artist; Vyroota Openly Refuted The Continued Online Rumors 


In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, artists often find themselves catapulted to fame through various platforms. For Ugandan singer and songwriter Vyroota, “TikTok” served as the launchpad for his career, propelling him to stardom. However, despite the undeniable role TikTok played in his success, Vyroota is steadfast in rejecting the label of a “TikTok artist.”

In a recent interview, he emphasized his identity as an international artist, transcending the confines of both national and TikTok categorizations. Vyroota’s journey to fame began with the viral nature of his music on TikTok. The platform’s unique ability to amplify short music clips contributed significantly to his popularity, garnering a massive following and bringing his talent to the attention of a global audience.

TikTok’s algorithmic magic turned his songs into trends, creating an immense wave of engagement and catapulting him into the limelight. Despite the undeniable influence of TikTok on his rise to fame, Vyroota is resolute in refusing to be pigeonholed as a “TikTok artist.”

Ugandan fast-rising singer, Vyroota
Ugandan fast-rising singer, Vyroota

In a recent interview, he expressed his desire to be recognized as more than just a product of the popular social media platform. Vyroota believes that his artistry extends beyond the short-form videos that characterize TikTok trends. To him, TikTok was a stepping stone, not a defining characteristic of his musical identity.

“I’m not a TikTok artist, neither a national artiste. I am an international artiste,” Vyroota declared in the interview. He went on to define an international artist as one who travels beyond their home country for performances. Vyroota’s ambitions have indeed taken flight, as he revealed plans for a performance in South Sudan, underscoring his commitment to a global stage.

Vyroota’s assertion of his international status reflects a broader trend in the music industry, where artists increasingly transcend geographical boundaries to establish themselves as global phenomena. The ability to perform on an international stage and connect with diverse audiences has become a defining factor for many artists seeking recognition beyond their home country.

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