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In Memoriam; Honorable Cecilia Ogwal, A Stalwart Ugandan Politician And Advocate


Uganda mourns the loss of a dedicated public servant and esteemed Member of Parliament, Honorable Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, who passed away in India after a brief illness. A luminary in Ugandan politics, business, and consulting, Honorable Ogwal left an indelible mark on the nation, serving as the “Member of Parliament for Dokolo District Women’s Constituency” for an impressive 28 years, from 1996 until her untimely demise at the age of 77.

Born on June 12, 1946, Honorable Cecilia Ogwal’s journey into the public sphere began with her notable victory in the 1969 “Miss Uganda” contest at the age of 23. This early recognition set the stage for a multifaceted career that spanned politics, business, and management consulting.

Honorable Ogwal’s political career was characterized by unwavering dedication to her constituents and the broader Ugandan population. Elected in 1996, she consistently represented the interests of the Dokolo District Women’s Constituency, earning respect for her commitment to social justice and gender equality. Throughout her tenure, she advocated for policies that addressed the diverse needs of her constituents, leaving an enduring impact on the political landscape.

Rest In Peace Hon. Cecilia Ogwal
Rest In Peace Hon. Cecilia Ogwal

Beyond her parliamentary duties, Honorable Ogwal served with distinction in various capacities within Uganda’s legislature, contributing her expertise to committees focused on vital issues such as health, education, and economic development. Her legacy is one of tireless public service and a commitment to uplifting the lives of those she served.

Honorable Cecilia Ogwal’s accomplishments extended beyond the realm of politics. Her tenure as Miss Uganda in 1969 was a testament to her early prowess and poise. As a trailblazer, she shattered stereotypes and demonstrated that women could excel in various fields, breaking the glass ceiling with grace and determination.

Honorable Cecilia Ogwal’s passing marks the end of an era, leaving a void in Ugandan politics that will be difficult to fill. Her impact on the nation’s development, advocacy for social justice, and dedication to her constituents will be remembered as a beacon of inspiration for future generations.

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