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Isma Olaxess Applauded Big Eye For Exposing Eddy Kenzo


Isma Olaxess also known as Jajja Ichuli, is so much appreciative to singer and song writer known as Big Eye for exposing the hidden act of Eddy Kenzo. Not long ago, Big Eye confessed the selfishness of Eddy Kenzo quoting that he only desires to win alone.

In the writings released by Big Eye on his socials, he affirmed that the Ugandan music industry is still behind because those who have got international connections have decided to keep them for themselves especially Eddy Kenzo.

Big Eye affirmed Eddy Kenzo’s selfishness, he said that Eddy Kenzo has been winning and scooping international nominations for nine years now but he can’t even share with others possible ways of getting there yet he asserts the phrase, For God And My Country.

According to Big Eye, it is unworthy for Eddy Kenzo to say For God And My Country because he has kept all good things for himself. So, he should instead say For God And Myself.


Isma Olaxess through his timeline, appreciated the boldness portrayed by Big Eye as he supported him regarding Eddy Kenzo’s selfishness act. He said Eddy Kenzo has always thought about himself from the time he scooped the BET Award yet the industry has to grow when persons work together.

“Big Eye is very right, Eddy Kenzo is a very selfish artiste. After him winning the BET Award, Kenzo has been alone for a while now. He even failed to show to the world songster Rema Namakula during the days of their relationship. So, he is indeed a selfishness artiste. Big Eye, thank you for telling out the truth about Eddy Kenzo,” Isma Olaxess said.

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