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Isma Olaxess Questioned About Emmanuel Lwasa’s Fatherhood

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Ibrahim Tusubira, Uganda’s blogger and political commentator well-known as Isma Olaxess while others refer to him as Jajja Ichuli, questioned Emmanuel Lwasa’s other side of parenting or fatherhood following his continued uncalled behaviors on social media and public.

Emmanuel Lwasa is a Ugandan socialite and city tycoon from Masaka. The tycoon has gotten involved in various or different romantic relationships that have always ended into shading tears.

To several people and online users, Emmanuel Lwasa has always been the front cause of all the breakups that he has gotten himself into because he has never chosen to settle for one lady.


Others attribute his breakups to high libido. According to Lwasa, he has got the real love that any woman would desire to have a taste of it except most have turned out to be disappointing.

While speaking to Lwasa, Uganda’s blogger and political commentator, Isma Olaxess, questioned him of his fatherhood because his online continued behaviors or acts are confusing. You will never tell whether the Masaka city tycoon has got children or not.

“I wonder if Mr. Lwasa Emmanuel has got himself children. I want to know if he is proud of the things he is doing right now?” Isma Olaxess questioned.

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