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Isma Olaxess’ Shooting Was A Blessing In Disguise; Kakwenza Rukirabashaija Celebrates Isma’s Death


On 6th of May 2023, Isma Olaxess, famously known as Jajja Iculi, was shot dead in Kyanja just as he was about to reach his home. Jajja Iculi was a well-known figure, especially for his controversial opinions on political and social issues. However, he was also known for having an empty scrotum, which meant he couldn’t father children. While some saw this as a blessing, others like Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, a Ugandan author and lawyer, have seen it as a curse that has befallen him in death.

In a statement via his socials, Kakwenza has requested the late Isma Olaxess to apologize to his Mpororo ancestors when he meets them in the next life. This request comes after years of disagreements between the two, with Kakwenza accusing Isma Olaxess of celebrating his torture while he was in detention.

“Diarrhoea of the mouth and constipation of thoughts. When your head is empty, you talk while it’s shaking. Anyway since I had never responded to your mocking balderdash when you lived, may you apologise to my mpororo ancestors when you meet them in your next life.” Kakwenza wrote.

Author Kakwenza
Author Kakwenza

Kakwenza is known for his activism and speaking out against human rights abuses in Uganda. In his statement, he has expressed sadness at Isma Olaxess’s untimely death but also criticized those who he says failed to protect him.

Isma Olaxess was known for his controversial conclusions, which often landed him in trouble with the authorities. His opinions were both political and social, and he did not shy away from expressing them. However, his empty scrotum was also a topic of conversation, and he often spoke about it openly. While some people saw it as a blessing, others believed it was a curse that would prevent him from leaving an offspring.

Kakwenza has been a vocal critic of Isma Olaxess for years. In 2020, he was arrested and detained for allegedly writing a novel that criticized the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He claimed he was tortured while in detention, and Isma Olaxess celebrated his suffering. Kakwenza believes that Isma Olaxess’s sudden death is proof that the very people he leaned on never protected him, and he has now paid the ultimate price for his controversial opinions.

Isma Olaxess
R.I.P Isma Olaxess

“A fool celebrated my torture and now he’s been shot dead. The system which he boasted of hasn’t protected him. Mbu I mourn him? Good enough his scrotum was empty and didn’t leave an offspring to carry on his stupidity. He’s only been known for shaking his head while talking like ekihangare,” Kankwenza further wrote.

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s statement requesting Isma Olaxess to apologize to his ancestors may seem like an unusual request. However, in the context of their long-standing disagreements, it is not surprising. Isma Olaxess’s controversial opinions may have made him a well-known figure, but his untimely death has left many questions unanswered. As Uganda continues to grapple with issues of human rights and freedom of expression, the death of Isma Olaxess serves as a reminder of the need for tolerance and respect for divergent opinions.

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