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Isma Olaxess Suggestion On Why Most Celebrities Washout Within A Short Period

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Ugandan social media blogger and political commentator Ibrahim Tusubira well-known as Isma Olaxess explained the major reasons as to why most breakthrough celebrities fade out within a short period of time.

Truly, social media has today made it easier for many people to rise to fame and become superstars but at times most of these people are forgotten and never heard of within a short time.

While in an interview, Isma Olaxess briefly hinted at the reasons behind the washout of names that were once known to the public and online. He affirmed that most of these people are opportunists and once something new pops-up, they are easily forgotten.

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“We need to understand that many people are not only opportunists but also trend tag-alongs. If you are trending, you will have worth but as soon as something new comes up, you are history.” Isma Olaxess affirmed.

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