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It Was Self Defense; Reasons Why Jose Chameleone Beat-Up A Boda Boda Rider Emerge

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There has been a video being shared on social media and online where legendary singer and song writer Joseph Mayanja better known as Dr. Jose Chameleone was captured beating up a boda bodar rider.

According to online reports, the incident happened on the morning of Thursday 17th November, 2022 on his way back to his home located in Seguku. The boda boda rider is alleged to have been reckless after scratching the left side of Chameleone’s Range Rover with his motorcycle.

In the trending video, boda boda riders are heard supporting their fellow claiming that he never scratched the car. However, the legendary Ugandan singer got outside his car with a well-stretched stick and beat-up the boda boda rider without questioning him about anything.

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This was a sign of violence and an explanation indeed was to be called for. According to the document released by Chameleone’s Public Relation’s Officer [PRO], the singer would have ignored the incident but the boda boda rider continued insulting them. So, the incident was in self-defense.

“Chameleone would have ignored the incident if not for the verbal insults and threats to physical assault that came from the rider. The seen incident was in self-defense as the charged boda boda rider tried to approach him,” Jose Chameleone’s P.R.O wrote.

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