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It’s A Must To Support My Baby Mama’s Business; Geosteady Affirmed


Singer and song writer Hassan Kigozi better known as Geosteady vows to support his baby mama, socialite and business woman Prima Kadarshi because that is what he is supposed to do.

Geosteady and Prima Kadarshi parted ways after the two failing to understand each other to the extent of the singer disorganizing Prima’s apartment. However, the two made a surprise comeback that most social media-in-laws never saw it coming.


The two are now together taking care of their children. According to Geosteady, he has the right to support Prima’s business and even becoming an ambassador before being appointed.

“It’s a must for a baby daddy to be an ambassador of a baby mama’s business and you can kill yourself if you have any problem with it,” Geosteady affirmed.

Geosteady is definitely right to support his baby mama, Prima because part of her income can also be used to take care of their siblings back home.


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