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It’s Your Problem If You Hate My Dressing Code; Sheebah Karungi Clarified


Songster and song writer Sheebah Karungi affirmed being in love with whatever she puts on her body and not having any problem with those who have continued criticizing her dressing code.

While in an interview, the songster said she is tired of explaining her dressing code to people who she doesn’t know but if they still have a problem with it, that isn’t her concern.

“I am tired of explaining my dressing code to people who I even don’t know. But at this point, if you still have a problem with my wearing that is your own problem not mine,” Sheebah clarified.


The songster further explained that they’re women out there who are decent. But for her, she is comfortable with her body, her skin, she is unruly and does what her heart wants at any time.

“They are women out there who are decent and that it’s okay. Then they are women who are like me, comfortable in our bodies, in our skin, we are unruly, we do what we want at any time,” Sheebah clarified.


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