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John Blaq Shares Controversial Thoughts on Newly Elected Uganda National Musician Federation Leaders

John Blaq

Ugandan musician John Blaq has shared his thoughts on the newly elected leaders of the Uganda National Musician Federation, including its President Eddy Kenzo and other musicians such as Sheebah, Pallaso, and Bebe Cool. Blaq believes that an association such as this must be run by professionals who know what they are doing, rather than dropouts like some of the musicians.

Speaking to the press, John Blaq expressed his concerns about the ability of the new leaders to unite fellow musicians across Uganda. He questioned how musicians with limited time would be able to come together and collaborate effectively.

According to John Blaq, the music industry in Uganda needs leaders who understand the business side of the industry and have a vision for its growth and development. He urged the new leaders to prioritize professionalism and transparency in their dealings with fellow musicians.

Some of the UNMF leaders
Some of the UNMF leaders

Blaq’s comments come amid concerns about the state of the music industry in Uganda, with many musicians struggling to make a living from their craft. The Uganda National Musician Federation was formed to address these issues and provide a platform for musicians to come together and advocate for their rights.

While acknowledging the importance of such an association, John Blaq emphasized the need for it to be led by competent professionals who can drive meaningful change for musicians in Uganda. He called on the new leaders to focus on building strong relationships with musicians across the country and to work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive industry.

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