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Juliana Kanyomozi Clears The Air; General Muhoozi Kainerugabe Is Not The Father Of My Son


In the age of social media, celebrities often find themselves entangled in controversies fueled by rumors and speculation. Renowned Ugandan songstress Julian Kanyomozi recently found herself at the center of such claims when several online users suggested that her newly born son, Taj, was the offspring of General Muhoozi Kainerugabe. In an exclusive interview, Julian Kanyomozi vehemently refuted these allegations, expressing her disappointment at the disrespectful nature of the rumors.

During the interview, Julian Kanyomozi firmly set the record straight, addressing the rumors head-on. She emphasized that General Muhoozi Kainerugabe is not the father of her son, Taj, and she found it disrespectful not only to herself but also to the First Son, as the false claims could tarnish their reputations.

Julian shared her perspective on the matter, stating, “I was shocked and disappointed when I heard about these rumors linking my son, Taj, to General Muhoozi. It is not only disrespectful to me but also to the First Son. People need to be more cautious before spreading such baseless rumors, as they can have a significant impact on our lives and reputations.”

Uganda's first son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Uganda’s first son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

The Ugandan songstress emphasized the need for privacy during such personal moments. She expressed her disappointment in the invasion of her family’s privacy and urged the public to be more considerate when discussing the personal lives of public figures.

“I understand that being in the public eye comes with certain expectations, but there should be a line when it comes to personal matters, especially involving my family. False rumors can cause unnecessary stress and harm to our lives. I hope people will respect our privacy moving forward,” Julian remarked.

Julian Kanyomozi took the opportunity to clear the air for the First Son, emphasizing that he is not the father of her son, Taj. She highlighted the potential harm such rumors could cause to the reputation of both individuals and their families.

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“I want to make it clear that the First Son is not the father of my son. These rumors are not only false but also damaging. I respect the First Son and expect others to do the same. It’s important for people to verify information before spreading it, especially when it involves someone’s personal life,” she asserted.


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