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Kapa Cat Pleads With Gravity To Pay Her Ugx 8M As Compensation For Free Performances  


The world of music is often characterized by collaboration and synergy among artists from different genres. However, behind the scenes, disputes over compensation can sometimes sour these collaborations.

 In a surprising turn of events, dancehall songster and songwriter Kapa Cat has publicly demanded compensation from renowned Ugandan rapper Gravity Omutujju. Kapa Cat claims that it’s high time Gravity Omutujju pays her Ugx 8 million for her performances after his successful maiden concert at Cricket Oval Lugogo on 2nd September 2023.

Kapa Cat’s revelation comes as a shock to many in the music industry, as she and Gravity Omutujju have been known to collaborate on numerous occasions. Kapa Cat alleges that she has been providing her talent and energy at Gravity’s shows without receiving any compensation. She asserts that Gravity took her to multiple shows, where she delivered electrifying performances that contributed to the success of these events, often drawing huge crowds.

Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju
Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju

The Cricket Oval Lugogo concert, which marked Gravity Omutujju’s debut at the prestigious venue, is a significant milestone in his career. Kapa Cat’s participation in the event undoubtedly added to its allure. However, according to Kapa Cat, she is yet to receive any payment or compensation for her contributions, despite her significant role in making the concert a success.

As of the time of writing, Gravity Omutujju has not publicly responded to Kapa Cat’s allegations. It’s important to note that Gravity’s reputation as an artist and performer is on the line, and addressing these claims promptly and professionally will be crucial for him. The public is eagerly awaiting his side of the story, and it is essential for both parties to engage in open and transparent dialogue to resolve this matter.

The issue raised by Kapa Cat highlights the importance of fair compensation in the music industry. Collaborations and guest appearances are common in the entertainment world, but artists must respect each other’s contributions and ensure that compensation is handled transparently and fairly. Failure to do so can lead to strained relationships and legal disputes.

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