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Karitas Kario’s Musical Journey; From Uganda to Boston in Search of Opportunities


In a candid revelation, Nabbosa Sharitah, popularly known as Karitas Kario, recently disclosed the motivations behind her move to Boston, USA. The acclaimed Ugandan songstress unveiled that the primary impetus for her relocation was the pursuit of financial resources to advance her music career.

Despite the challenges of breaking into the music scene in a foreign land, Karitas Kario’s determination remains unwavering as she navigates the intricate journey of exporting her musical talent from Uganda to Boston. Nabbosa Sharitah, professionally recognized as Karitas Kario, has established herself as a well-known figure within the Ugandan music industry.

Notably, she has balanced her role as a mother while actively participating in the realm of music, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft. With a solid reputation built on her musical prowess, Karitas Kario’s decision to relocate to Boston reflects her

In an exclusive interview, Karitas Kario revealed that her move to Boston was rooted in the pursuit of financial opportunities to bolster her music career. Acknowledging the financial constraints and limitations faced in Uganda’s music industry, she sought a platform that would provide her with the resources necessary to elevate her music to new heights. With a passion for her craft and a desire to produce music of international caliber, she made the bold decision to venture overseas.

songster Karitas Kario
songster Karitas Kario

Relocating to a new country brings with it a set of challenges, especially for someone seeking to establish themselves in a competitive field like music. Karitas Kario did not shy away from acknowledging the difficulties she encountered in the Boston music scene. While maintaining her determination to stay connected with her musical roots and cultural heritage, she expressed her commitment to overcoming the obstacles that come with promoting her music abroad.

Karitas Kario’s commitment to her music is unwavering, even in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges that Boston’s music industry presents, she emphasized her unyielding resolve to remain an active participant in the world of music. Her journey demonstrates that true dedication knows no bounds and that artists like her are willing to undertake substantial sacrifices to share their artistry with the world.

Karitas Kario disclosed an insightful strategy she employed upon arriving in Boston. Recognizing the value of a stable foundation, she made the conscious decision to first settle into her new environment before embarking on her musical pursuits. This approach allowed her to acclimate to her surroundings, establish connections, and gain a better understanding of the local music landscape. Consequently, this strategy positioned her to make informed decisions about selecting a suitable music studio and producer.

While pursuing her dreams in Boston, Karitas Kario acknowledged the advantageous aspects of producing music in Uganda. She highlighted that the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of resources in Uganda offer a distinct advantage over producing music in a foreign country. Despite the allure of international exposure, she acknowledged that certain challenges, such as financial limitations and cultural differences, may impact the process of creating and sharing her music in Boston.

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