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Karol Kasita Failed To Disclose Her Baby Daddy But Grateful To Have Given Birth To A King

Karol Kasita

After a short period of time off media interviews because of maternity leave, Ugandan songster, song writer and performer better known as Karol Kasita, finally appeared on an interview but she resisted telling out who the father of her baby is.

According to the Karol Kaista, she conceived the baby that she calls King, on the day she celebrated her birthday. So, she doesn’t take such a surprise for granted because it all happened during the celebration of her birthday and it was a one-night-stand.

“I took it as a blessing because it was my birthday baby. So, I don’t take such a blessing for granted. It was a one-night-stand because I rarely enjoy such moments, and I was very happy upon noticing that I am pregnant that’s why I call him a king.” Karol Kasita affirmed.

Karol Kasita Pregnant
Karol Kasita Pregnant

The songster further explained the reason as to why she made her pregnancy known to everyone even during the time of birth. She also cautioned other women or girls out there never to fear pregnancy.

“I did it for my son and myself not the people or media because I needed money to sustain my child and self. Let every woman conceive and never cry for any man, because it is you and your baby.” Karol Kasita affirmed.

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