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Karol Kasita’s Former Manager, Joram Affirms Singer Mudra Was Underpaid By The Songster


In recent developments, Karol Kasita’s former manager, Joram, has made some bold claims regarding singer and songwriter Mudra D Viral’s compensation for his work with the artist. According to Joram, Mudra was never adequately compensated for his songwriting contributions, and at times, he received less pay than he deserved for his efforts.

This revelation has stirred debate among online users, with some suggesting that Joram’s statements may have stemmed from personal anger after his dismissal from his managerial role. However, it is essential not to jump to conclusions without a thorough examination of the situation.

Joram, who formerly managed Karol Kasita’s music career, has come forward with allegations that Mudra D Viral, a talented singer and songwriter, was not properly remunerated for his significant contributions to Karol Kasita’s music. As a creative force behind some of Kasita’s most successful songs, Mudra’s role in shaping the artist’s sound and success cannot be understated.

Karol Kasita and former manager, Joram
Karol Kasita and former manager, Joram

According to Joram’s statements, Mudra’s financial compensation was consistently below what he rightfully deserved, and there were instances where he received inadequate payment for his own written songs. Such claims have raised eyebrows within the music industry, as equitable compensation for songwriting and artistic contributions is a fundamental aspect of a fair and thriving music ecosystem.

Given Mudra D Viral’s artistic contributions and dedication to Karol Kasita’s music, Joram has acknowledged that the singer has every right to be upset about the situation. Recognizing the value of an artist’s work and ensuring proper compensation is essential to maintaining a healthy and sustainable working relationship within the music industry.


Adding further complexity to the matter, it is worth noting that Joram was recently dismissed from his role as Karol Kasita’s manager. The timing of his allegations has led some online users to speculate that his statements may have been motivated by personal frustration or anger following his departure. However, it is crucial to avoid hasty conclusions and consider the merit of Joram’s claims independently.

While Joram’s statements may spark debates and discussions among online users, it is essential to approach the situation cautiously. Relying on official statements, verifiable evidence, and testimonies from involved parties is crucial in understanding the full context of the allegations.

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