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Kennedy Rapudo’s Romantic Relationship With Amber Ray Comes To An End


Kenyan renowned socialite and business woman Amber Ray, affirmed to have ended her romantic relationship with renowned Kenyan businessman, Kennedy Rapudo despite being heavily pregnant.

“A new day to start as a single mother of two,” Amber Ray wrote on her timeline affirming her breakup with the renowned businessman.

In response, Kennedy Rapudo disclosed that the truth behind their breakup will get to be known in a period less than two months. Therefore, the reason as to why Amber Ray ended her relationship with Kennedy is yet to be known.

Amber ray baby bump

“A lie has so many variations; The truth has none. In less than two months, we’ll all know the truth and the cause of the break-up.” Kennedy Rapudo wrote responding to the early breakup that was revealed by his now ex-girlfriend, Amber Ray.

It just a few weeks since Andrew Kibe foresaw the breakup of Amber ray and the renowned Kenyan businessman. Despite the revelation, most media and social media users have termed the breakup as a stunt, the two should be planning for a baby shower after finalizing the gender reveal party.

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