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Kevin Sowax Purchases Home In Tanzania; Solidifying Relationship With Hamisa Mobetto


In recent weeks, the Tanzanian entertainment scene has been buzzing with excitement as the enigmatic entrepreneur, Kevin Sowax, takes center stage in the life of renowned singer, actress, businesswoman, and socialite, Hamisa Mobetto.

With a colorful history of high-profile relationships, Hamisa Mobetto has now found love and stability in the arms of Kevin Sowax. The latest development in their romance is the acquisition of a new home in Tanzania, a testament to their commitment to each other.

Hamisa Mobetto, a well-known figure in East African entertainment, has had her fair share of high-profile relationships and media attention in the past, including rumored flings with international artists such as Diamond Platnumz, Rick Ross, and Harmonize. However, it seems that she has finally found a love that is set to stand the test of time in the form of Kevin Sowax.

Kevin Sowax, the man behind various successful business ventures, has managed to capture Hamisa’s heart with his charm, charisma, and unwavering support. Their budding romance has taken the Tanzanian entertainment industry by storm, with fans and followers eagerly anticipating updates on their love journey.

Kevin Sowax and Hamisa Mobetto
Kevin Sowax and Hamisa Mobetto

The most recent demonstration of their commitment to each other comes in the form of a new home purchase in Tanzania. This significant milestone not only signifies their growing love but also solidifies their presence as a power couple in the region.

The couple’s choice to invest in a home together reflects their desire to build a future together in Tanzania, a place where both Hamisa and Kevin have strong ties. It symbolizes their shared dreams, aspirations, and a commitment to nurturing a love that knows no bounds.

Details about the newly acquired home remain largely private, as the couple values their personal space and privacy. However, it is clear that their new residence will serve as a sanctuary where they can build lasting memories together.

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