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Kojja Kitonsa Dismisses Dating Speculations Surrounding His Signee, Songster Viola Nakitende


Renowned city herbalist and event promoter, Kojja William Kitonsa, has found himself at the center of gossip lately, as rumors spread about a potential romantic relationship between him and his talented signee, songstress Viola Nakitende. However, Kitonsa has come forward to debunk these claims, stating that the speculations are baseless and that their professional association remains purely business-oriented.

Kojja Kitonsa has long been associated with the music industry, successfully managing various musicians, including Grace Khan. His expertise in event promotion and herbalism has made him a respected figure in the city’s entertainment scene. His working relationship with Viola Nakitende has garnered attention and admiration from music enthusiasts, leading to unfounded rumors about a romantic connection between the two.

In an interview, Kitonsa addressed the ongoing speculations, emphasizing that there is no truth to the claims of a romantic involvement between him and Viola Nakitende. He clarified that their relationship is purely professional, with a focus on nurturing her music career and helping her reach new heights of success.

Kitonsa expressed his disappointment regarding the rumors, emphasizing that they hold no basis in reality. He believes that the gossip surrounding their supposed romantic relationship stems from people’s tendency to assume a connection between a male manager and a female artist.

Songster Viola Nakitende
Songster Viola Nakitende

“Coming to my place doesn’t mean we are dating, we all know am a kojja. I work with Viola but there is no romantic or sexual tension or relation between us. All the words out there are mere rumore,” Kitonsa firmly stated.

Kitonsa highlighted his dedication to Viola’s musical journey and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with such a talented artist. He stressed that his focus lies solely on her career advancement, and any distractions caused by false rumors could hinder their progress.

Kojja Kitonsa has firmly denied any romantic involvement with his signee, Viola Nakitende. He has categorically stated that their relationship is purely professional and focused on nurturing her music career. The rumors circulating about their alleged romantic relationship have been dismissed as baseless speculations.

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