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Lady Titi Explained Why She Quit Her Marriage


Renown Ugandan songster and song writer Lady Titi doesn’t regret ever moving out of her marriage. While in an interview, the songster explained the reason as to why she quitted her marriage.

Lady Titi affirmed that there was a lot violence in her marriage and she advised men to always treat women as humans because they only forgive once when they are hurt.

“I tell men always that women are human beings. Every time you keep hurting them, they can only forgive you for a while eventually they will let go,” Lady Titi said.


While referring to her marriage, the renown songster said she decided to leave her marriage, she never bothered to call any of her friend, and even her husband thought she was joking because she could return whenever she left.

“The day I decided to leave my marriage, I packed my things and left. I never bothered to call my friend like I used to. Even my husband thought I was joking because I did the same thing but still returned,” Lady Titi said.


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