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Latest Love Songs Don’t Last, Mathias Walukaga Says

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Uganda’s most famous Kadongo-Kamu artiste turned politician Mathias Walukaga known for songs Omuzadde Makula, Miss World, Bizibu Family among others has come out to dustbin latest love songs saying they no longer last.

According to Mathias Walukaga, love songs of the 80s and 90s lasted for a long time and even date love songs of the 90s are still on trend and marketable. The singer compared love songs of Uganda’s legendary Reggae singer Maddox Ssematimba saying that Maddox’s love songs have lasted and people love them.

“Artistes compose and record love songs but their songs fade within three weeks, a week. At times latest love songs fade before being played on television or radio. But for Maddox, he already gave up on music but his love songs like Namagembe is still competitive,” Mathias Walukaga said.

Mathia Walukaga also affirmed himself as a legend and according to him the following artistes are the ones he considers to be legends in Uganda; Meseach Semakula, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Jose Chameleone, Maddox Ssematimba, Matovu of Afrigo band, Juliana, Irene Namubiru, Bobi Wine, and the list is endless.


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