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Let Us Handle Issues Professionally; Serena Bata Cries Out To Abtex Promotions

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Songster and song writer Serena Bata popularly known for songs like Yegwe Munange, Bikalubye, Single and It’s Ok among others humbly requested Abtex Promotions who have been managing her music career to handle issues professionally.

On 23 November, Abtex Promotions released a document clarifying that Serena is no longer managed by the music record label on accusations of Breach of Contract as well as Smoking Shisha in public.

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However, the songster through her pages has come out requesting the record label to handle issues professionally not letting everything to be known to the media and social media.

“Abtex Promotions I respect you in person and the whole management in particular. But I kindly request you to handle this professionally as we did from the start not on social media. Thank you,” Serena Bata wrote.


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