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Lilian Mbabazi Hinted At The Better Self Of Legendary Mowzey Radio


Rwandan-Ugandan songster, song writer and entertainer well-known as Lilian Mbabazi explained the reasons as to why she will never stop celebrating the life of the late Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo who was famously known as Mowzey Radio.

Mowzey Radio was a vocalist, song writer and would sing along side Weasel Manizo. The two collaborate to form the renown Good lyf crew, the Good Lyf crew was known globally for their outstanding performance and songs.

The late Mowzey Radio was referred to as the heart of the Good Lyf crew. Indeed, after his death, Weasel is left with nothing to offer but maintaining his fame and publicity.

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Mowzey Radio born on 25th January 1985, would be celebrating his 38th birthday but unfortunately his life came to an end in 2018. Most people still celebrate his birth as well as his death which portrays his relevancy in the Uganda’s music industry.

According to Lilian Mbabazi, there are several reasons as to why she has to celebrate the life of the late Mowzey Radio; He was her husband, the father of her children as well as an inspiration to most young and growing talents in the music industry.

“I will always choose to celebrate the day Moses was born. Because he was born, I had my children, I met him, music in Uganda was changed. Because he was born, many musicians have been inspired, Happy Birthday my love. Keep resting well my love, we miss you.” Lilian Mbabazi wrote on her timeline.

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