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Love In The Air; Momo 19 Surprises Hubby Daxx Kartel On His Birthday

daxx_kartel_with_mariam_naluwooza_aka_momo (2)

Former Bbs Terefayina star Mariam Naluwooza commonly known as Momo 19 surprised her husband singer Sebunya Sebyaala Suleiman well-known as Daxx Kartel with a birthday party that he will never forget in life.

Momo 19 narrated how she tricked her husband to the extent of making sure that he reaches the venue where she had organized the birthday party. Momo 19 says Daxx Kartel resisted several times but she told the singer that they are going for a photo shoot.

“It had rained and he well-knows that I hate the rainy weather, but I woke up early in the morning and I told him we have to go for work. I made all the arrangements and I openly deceived him that we are going for a photo shoot. He resisted but I ensured that he reaches the venue,” Momo 19 narrated.

daxx_kartel_with_mariam_naluwooza_aka_momo (1)

Momo 19 said that her husband Daxx Kartel would question whether she has got any plan for his birthday but she could deny asserting that she has got no money, yet she was already planning for his birthday and she wanted it to be a surprise.

With so much joy and love, Daxx Kartel confirmed that such a surprise had never happened in his life. The singer said he grew up in a neighborhood where birthdays were celebrated but there wasn’t such an arrangement within his family.


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