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Lydia Jazmine Is Ready And Willing To Mingle With A Fellow Celebrity


Songstress and song writer Lydia Nabawanuka alias Lydia Jazmine known for her hit songs; Kapeesa, Masuuka, Kubanja, Olindaki among others, made it clear that she is open to date anyone including celebrities.

Lydia Jazmine was asked if she would wish to date a fellow celebrity. In her response, the songstress said she can in case one crushes on her, and if that was God’s plan that she will date a celebrity.


“If it is God’s decision as well as my admiration for the one who crushes on me, why not dating him. Everything is possible but I prefer my love life to be private,” Lydia Jazmine responded.

While performing at comedy store, Lydia Jazmine had some cozy moments with the self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa Eric Omondi, and she was alleged to be eyeing the Kenyan comedian.


However, Lydia Jazmine confessed that she is a close friend to the Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, and it wasn’t wrong for Eric Omondi to join her while she was performing at comedy store.


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